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Google Toolbar for SafariSupport WindowsSupport Mac OSDeveloped for Safari Browser

The Google toolbar is available for safari NOW. see details...

One click to access Google services. Gmail with count, calendar, news, encrypted search and Google+, facebook, twitter ......

and support Google bookmarks, search in page, rss subscription to Google reader, a ton of functions.Downloan .safariextz file
Only For Mac 10.11(EI Capitan),10.12(Sierra), 10.13(High Sierra) and Safari under 12.1

Google Launcher for ChromeSupport WindowsSupport Mac OSSupport LinuxDeveloped for Chrome Browser

One click to access Google Services from your Chrome browser. Reach services like Gmail, Google Doc/Drive, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and many more and support search in these services directly from popup toolbox. Another, it also displays the number of unread messages and notifications in your Google Mail inbox/Google Plus. it support multiple Gmail accounts include Google Apps domains account. NO need your account and password information in localstorage. The strongest browser and the strongest web service together help you enjoy internet more instantly and securely.see details...  available on the chrome web store

GBookmarksWork with iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6Plus/iPad/iPod Touch

GBookmarks is Google Bookmarks client for iPhone/iPad. It include a private web/image browser. It help you to use Google Bookmarks, that is on-line bookmark service provided by Google. see details...  available on the app store


レジストリ工房はWindowsのレジストリ情報をを高速に安全に編集するための専用エディタです。さまざまな強力な機能をもつことが特徴です。 詳細...

操作履歴を保存され、Windwosを再起動してもほぼ無制限の「やり直し」、「元に戻す」機能が利用できます。ベストワンの検索スピードで、迅速かつ簡単にレジストリ キー、値およびデータの位置を絞り込んで、修正または置き換えることができます。 REG ファイルの作成と編集も同じ操作方式で行えます。 お気に入り機能も簡単で柔軟性のあるものを提供します。



QR Pro

Share Profile via QR Code Pro NOW!!! Exchange info with CAMERA between iPhones, Android mobiles, Japan Phones. see details...

QR Pro is a mobile QR 2D barcode reader/creator app that allows you to automatically scan and generate QR 2D barcode formats from your iPhone. Simply, Quickly and Powerfully. Support 1D Barcode like EAN,UPC, JAN etc. Support Contact, Calendar Event, Twitter, Facebook Link. Support for Japanese and all Unicode languages, like Chinese, Korean,etc.  available on the app store

PDF Security ModifierSupport Windows

Encrypt/Decrypt PDF Document, password protect, password remove.

PDF Security Modifier is a very flexible and powerful application, it can be used to unprotect PDF documents that restrict you of printing, editing or copying. On the other hand, it can also be used to encrypt existing PDF document, set permissions, add user and owner passwords or change document properties like title, author and subject.

This software is both a spear and a shield. encrypt and decrypt

see details...

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