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Google Toolbar for Safari

Highly functional and customizable toolbar giving one click access to multiple Google Services. Access News, Maps, Calendar, GMail with counter, SSL Search, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, web developer tools, PageRank and so much more. Enables Google SSL Search directly from your Safari browser, instant web page translation of more than 40 languages via Google Translate, shortened URLs, Hot Keywords and many other time-saving features for efficient web use. The fastest browser and the strongest web service together help you enjoy internet more instantly and securely.

Major Features:

  • Search with SSL for Web, News, Blog, Discussions, etc.
  • Access Google Service(GMail, Youtube, Tasks, Calendar, Doc ...) with a single click.
  • View your Google Bookmarks from any computer.
  • Read News quickly from popover window anytime.
  • New mail and Google+ notification on GMail icon.
  • Calendar icon change every day.
  • PageRank to display the importance of the webpage you're viewing.
  • Quickly make URLs and can be shared by anyone.
  • Translate websites into more than 40 languages.
  • Auto detect or manual choose your region and language for local news, finance, and search services.
  • Search and Hightlight keywords in Page, ... ... a ton of functions
  • Support Safari 5+ both Windows and MacOS, Easy Install and Update.

Google Toolbar Available NOW for safari. Powered by Safari Developer Program of Apple Inc. FULL FREE Download, FULL Trusted install.

Only For Mac 10.11(EI Capitan),10.12(Sierra), 10.13(High Sierra) and Safari under 12.1

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